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제8차 한국-시베리아센터 콜로키움
일시: 2020.07.14~2020.07.14 장소: 배재대학교 21세기관 407호   서승현 (동덕여대) 돌간족의 역사 김자영 (원광대) 러시아 북극권의 인구문제 문의: 라미경(배재대학교 mkra3@kakao.com / 042-520-5713
일시: 2020.10.08~2020.10.11 장소: 아이슬란드 레이캬비크 http://www.arcticcircle.org/ The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic. It is an open democratic platform with participation from governments, organizations, corporations, universities, think tanks, environmental associations, indigenous communities, concerned citizens, and others interested in the development of the Arctic and its consequences for the future of the globe. It is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization.
일시: 2021.02.01~2021.02.04 장소: 노르웨이 트롬쇠 https://www.arcticfrontiers.com/ BUILDING BRIDGES라는 주제로 Plenary, Science, Young의 세 개의 영역으로 나눠 발표와 토론이 진행된다.
International Symposium on the Threat of Plastics to the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Marine Environment
일시: 2021.03.02~2021.03.04 장소: 아이슬란드 레이캬비크 https://www.arcticplastics2020.is/index.php/en/ The symposium aims for the exchange of views and to inform about the threat of plastic to ocean life. Keynote speakers Theme: Impact ? toxicology and ecotoxicology by Dr. Jennifer Provencher Theme: Transport and transformation by Melanie Bergmann Theme: Methodology for analyses of micro and nano particles by Jes Vollertsen